Careers In Football

Careers in Football span way beyond being a professional footballer, and on average for every footballer, there are 10 behind the scenes staff ranging from coaches and physiotherapists right through to club operations and marketing.

If you share a passion for the game and want to fulfill your dream role, you are in the right place, since our advice is free and vetted by a professional in the industry.

Careers in Football

The following demonstrate a full list of football careers you can choose from, if you want to work in a professional football club or academy.

Football Player
Player agent
Football Coaching

  • 1st Team coach
  • Head of coaching
  • Academy manager
  • Academy coach
  • Goalkeeper coach
  • Community coach

Sports Science and Medicine

  • Physiotherapist
  • Massage therapist
  • Sports psychologist
  • Sports scientist
  • Strength and conditioning

Coaching team

  • Nutritionist
  • Team doctor / dentist

Football Scout

  • Head of recruitment
  • Development officer
  • Player Scouts
  • Tactical Scouts

Player performance analysis

  • Live assessment
  • Video evaluation
  • Player statistical analysis

Football Team Support

  • Player liaison officer
  • Club secretary
  • Kit manager
  • Administration

Teacher / Lecturer
PR and Communications

  • Sports Journalists
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Editor
  • Statistician
  • Presenter
  • Press officer
  • Social media teams
  • Video and media production
  • PR


  • Brand
  • Sponsorship
  • Commercial
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Digital marketing and ecommerce
  • Fan engagement and loyalty
  • Hospitality and events
  • Ticket sales


  • Head of operations
  • Grounds persons
  • Stadium manager
  • Security
  • Match day stewards
  • Ticket office staff
  • Building maintenance
  • Managers
  • HR

Average Football Career Wages

If you are unsure of what you could be earning by working in football, we have compiled a rough guide to football wages in professional clubs and academies in the Premier league, Championship and League 1 downwards and grass roots. Remember that the more high profile, the higher the competition, and all staff that have made it further up the leagues, have worked their way up from the bottom, so with hard work and commitment, you can too.You will see from the list that careers in football vary and each salary grade shown is taking into account the junior assistant’s right up to director level. So if you are just starting out, then you are safe to assume your wages will fall at the lower end of this guide.
Careers In Football

Football Player CV

Having careers in football as a professional athlete is by far the most competitive job for the obvious reasons. It’s the best paid, glamorous and most recognized. However it is also the most competitive, so to make your football CV, you will need to use the metrics and jargon that professional clubs and academies use to cut through the competition making your CV as relevant as possible to the selection panel and coaches.
Find out how to write your football CV here, and download a free football CV template to help you to get noticed.

Football Coaching CV

If you wish to pursue a career in coaching, you will need to demonstrate that you are at the required standard as governed by the FA (Football Association), and that you can stand out from the crowd, since football coaching is another very competitive career in football.

Find out how to become a football coach and how to write your football coaching CV here, and download a football coach CV template to use for free.


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