How To Get Scouted

Welcome to the Get Scouted area of PlayerScout site. This part of the site will arm you with all the information needed to improve your chances of being spotted by a professional scout.

For those new to scouting, this is a football clubs main process of talent identification and gaining tactical intelligence on opponents.

In short…

A club will deploy a player scout to attend matches (or training, soccer schools etc) to find potential signings to improve their academy or first team.

Once a hot prospect is found the scout will invite them to a football trial to assess their abilities before offering them a contract.


How To Get Scouted

Here’s a great video from Copa90 on player recruitment.

Section 1

Understanding the Trial Process

As football trials are such an important part of the scouting process, it’s important to understand as much about them as possible.

Our football trials section has all the vital information to give you the confidence going into a trial.

From pre trial nutrition to tips on how to act when you arrive, we have everything covered.

Exit Trials

Exits Trials

Check out our guide to exit trials to learn how to improve your chances of getting resigned by a pro club.

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Section 2

How Do You Get a Scouts Attention?

If you are playing regular football in a structured league, there’s a good chance that a professional football scout has been to one of your matches (probably numerous times).


Sometimes you may have to reach out to a club or scout to attract attention. Here is a series of articles on how scouts work and what they look for. 

Section 3

Football CV – Documenting Your Career

If you are serious about a career in football, you must have an up to date football CV.Becoming a professional footballer is the dream of many young players and the competition is immense. But don’t worry, within our football CV section we have everything you need to ensure you maximise your chance of success.Creating a winning football CV is a fine art, so much so that our team have written the first ever book on the subject.Click here to ind out more on how you can improve your football CV, online profile and get more attention from scouts.

Section 4

Careers in Football

Playing on the pitch is not the only way to earn a career in football. There are many off the field careers in football that will enable you to fulfill a dream of working in the exciting world of professional football.

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