Football CV

Your football CV is one of the most important documents you will need throughout your football career.

If you are serious about progressing within the game, you must present yourself in a professional manner both on and off the pitch.

We’ve worked with football professionals to create a Football CV package that delivers all the key information that coaches, managers, scouts use to make their recruitment decisions.

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Your Football CV:

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Player Attributes

How to Write a Football CV

How to write a Football CV – step by step guide & free eBook on how to write your Football CV.

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The kit is packed with the very best advice from experienced footballing experts to help you promote yourself a a footballer and achieve the success you dreamed of. You will receive all 3 items in your kit.

Football CV Template

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Football CV Cover Letter

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how to create the perfect football cv

'How To Create The Perfect Football CV' eBook

Step-by-step instructions so you can't get it wrong!

Your Football CV

Creating a winning CV takes time, preparation and knowledge, but don’t fret, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Our football CV template gives you the tools needed to present your football history to scouts in a way that commands their attention.

Whether you’re looking for a football player CV or a football coach CV, the principles highlighted in our eBook cover all football professionals. We highlight how to write a football CV, plus provide football CV templates and the perfect cover letter.

But thats not all…

Our football CV package also highlights how you can improve your online profile to add extra firepower to your application. Along with improving your online profile, we will teach you how to clean up your digital footprint to increase your professionalism and attract more clubs, sponsors, and agents.

This book covers everything you need to know about creating a winning CV, plus a few industry secrets that will help you to overcome rejection.

The ebook also includes a football CV template and cover letter so all you need to do is personalise it.

These editable templates enable you to easily present your football career on paper, ensuring you only include the information scouts are looking for.

1. How to Write a Football CV

This includes a complete guide (downloadable as an eBook) to all aspects of your Football CV:

1. Football CV: Contact Details
2. Football CV: Player Profile
3. Football CV: Vital Statistics
4. Football CV: Current Season Stats
5. Football CV: YouTube Videos
6. Football CV: Key Skills
7. Football CV: Playing History
8. Football CV: Football Experience
9. Football CV: Educational Qualifications
10. Football CV: Nutrition, Fitness & Agility Training
11. Football CV: Interests
12. Football CV: Referees
13. Football CV: Photo
How to write a Football CV for your child

2. Key attributes to add to your Football CV by position

This includes key skills that each player must possess depending on their position, to help you bring out the relevant skills on your Football CV:

Goalkeeper – player attributes for your Football CV
Fullbacks – player attributes for your Football CV
Central Defenders – player attributes for your Football CV
Defensive Midfielder – player attributes for your Football CV
Central Midfielder – player attributes for your Football CV
Advanced Playmaker – player attributes for your Football CV
Wingers – player attributes for your Football CV
Centre Forwards – player attributes for your Football CV

3. The Perfect Football CV Template (with Cover Letter)

Once you have all the necessary information, you can then put your football CV together.