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How Clubs Assess Players Through Video Evaluation


Video Evaluation is one of the 3 Areas of Assessment for Football Club / Academy Recruiters. The 3 areas of assessment are:

  • Live Assessment
  • Video Evaluation
  • Player Analytics and Assessment

All professional football clubs and academies use video evaluation as a fundamental tool for identifying and recruiting new players, and the video scout plays a critical role in this. They work closely with the Head of Scouting, the live assessment team and the player analytics and assessment teams to create a fuller picture of each potential players capability. By identifying football players using video and numerical analysis, they can study identified target players to assess their abilities. They also develop new best practice for evaluating player and team performance.

The Video Scout plays a key part in the recruitment of players in the first team and academy level, therefore passing their qualifying criteria is a must to make it as a professional footballer.

How Video Evaluation Works

During video evaluation the video scout uses software specifically for football video analysis that can edit and break down games. This means that more time is free for scouting. Scouts and coaches can also record games and pass them on to the video scout to enter into the software.

Not only does video evaluation enable coaches to find and improve existing signings, but it also helps scouts and academy recruiters to spot talent. All uploaded video clips are marked and tagged, which enables the video scout to instantly watch a football game for specific highlights, situations, and players.

Common tags used are: forwards, wings, defence, free kicks, corners, formation, play types, shots on goal, possession, tackles, challenges etc

To analyse each football game recorded by scouts which could individually take many hours, video evaluation software can answer questions within minutes by letting the video scout search for specific games or game stats for key player types, performance and statistical data about players and teams. From this data the video scout can then pull out game or player highlights, creating video presentations for the other scouts and recruiters to consider, helping football academies to prioritise who they should be watching.

Data collected by Video Evaluation

Examples of data you can collect about your match and training performance that are used in player performance analysis software to benchmark you against other players:

  • Personal stats (weight, height, age, birth country)
  • Position/s played
  • Preferred foot
  • Awards / Trophies won
  • Number of penalties taken / scored
  • Number of Yellow / Red Cards
  • Number of Goals per match / season
  • Minute when goals are scored
  • Number of Assists per match / season
  • Outcomes of different competitive situations (1v1’s, penalties, free kicks, open goal, corners)
  • Personal records
  • Bleep test scores
  • Average Kilometres travelled per game
  • Sprint time for 60m
  • Team possession
  • Player possession
  • Player run comparisons
  • Player heat maps
  • Player tracking
  • Ball tracking
  • Complete training and matchday cycles
  • Real-time scores
  • Historical sports information

All of this information will be displayed to the analysts in enhanced data trend graphics, typically line graphs and pie charts. 3D simulations, 360 degree visuals and player perspective visuals will also be generated and compared to other players and teams.

Video Evaluation Software

By signing up to your own video evaluation software you can make your own video analysis highlights to send to recruiters, and also pick out areas for improvement in your game, or suss out the competition. The below is a list of the main video evaluation software used by professional football clubs:


How to influence a video scout

Collect data regarding your match and training performance.

Since all video scouts deal in stats and player performance data, it is important that from a young age you are collecting stats about yourself to one day share, that can illustrate outstanding talent, or continuous improvement, as this communicates to the video scout that you are always developing and improving and that you are aware of the importance of your statistical records.

Characteristics of a Video Scout

A video scout will usually have started out as a generic football scout, and typically has expertise in the following areas:

  • Sport Science
  • Coaching
  • Individual and team performance and analysis
  • Previous scouting experience
  • Strong technical football knowledge
  • Observation with a solid grounding of varying working methodologies
  • Excellent at manipulating data regarding player performance in training and matches
  • Managing online performance
  • An extensive ‘real world football’ knowledge

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