Food Tracking For Footballers

This is the ultimate guide to food tracking for footballers.In this guide i’ll show you:How to get a better understanding of your current eating habits How to track your food and drink online The best food tracking tools every footballer should use What to do if you don’t have time to track your food Let’s get started.
Food Journal

Food tracking will definitely help

The first thing you need to do is get a better understanding of your current eating habits. So you know what you’re currently eating and then you can work to introduce a healthier balance over time. The best way to do this is to create a 7 day drink and food tracking diary. This is not to test you or to trip you up, but to give you a better idea of what foods and how much you are eating throughout the week. Jot everything down on a piece of paper or in your food tracking journal.

It’s important you don’t judge yourself on the food choices you’re making at this moment in time. Just jot everything down and take a photo of all of your meals on your phone. By creating this journal you will become more aware of your eating patterns and what types of food you prefer.

After the 7 days (14 if you can), when you have made a good habit of logging foods, and taking a photo of your meals, you now need to work out your calories, nutrients sugars and salts within your foods. And the best free food tracking app for doing this is MYFITNESS PAL. (You can also use the food tracking Fitbit app as well).

Both of these Apps also integrates seamlessly with the PS Training Academy App. So, your performance coach can monitor your nutrition as you log your meals. We’ve noticed that within 2/3 days players get a real sense of how their calorie consumption is far off from the amount they need to achieve their goal of losing weight, gaining muscle or fuelling for training.

How long should I be food tracking online for?

Here’s the best bit, you won’t have to track your food for long. This is because you now have a better idea of what food you are consuming, and the effect it is having on your body.

If you’re a player who has finds it hard to gain muscle and increase your strength, and after journaling your food for a week or 2 you notice that your daily calorie intake is coming in about 2000 calories, then it’s likely that you’re not eating enough food. Therefore, to increase your strength, muscle mass or weight you’ll now need to shrewdly increase your calorie intake.

And if you are a player that always seems to find it hard losing weight or keeping the weight off, then after completing your 7-day food journal, you can highlight key times that you take on high calorific meals, and start improve your choices.

The thing is, most players eat the same food on a weekly basis, so it’s actually quite easy to make healthier changes that you can stick too, whether it’s removing certain foods or simply reducing or increasing your calorie intake. However, we suggest that continuously tracking food and exercise is a must for players who are serious about progressing.

But I don’t have the patience to food track

We know food tracking and adjusting your diet isn’t for everyone, that’s why we now offer meal planning as part of the PS Training Academy. Once you join the academy, you will complete our nutritional questionnaire to let your performance coach understand your nutritional habits and lifestyle.

Next your performance coach will calculate the exact caloric intake and daily macronutrients splits necessary for you to reach your training goal. And work out your meal plan based on these details.

Taking into account any intolerances, allergies and food preferences. Each meal comes with cooking instructions, and shopping list so you can save time and money when in the supermarket.

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