PFSA Level 1 – Talent Identification Course Review


Are you interested in a career as a professional football scout? Or just intrigued to know more about how scouts work and what they look for in a player? If so, then the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA) Level 1 – Talent Identification in Football course is the perfect solution. Want to know the best […]

Football Agent Interview – Cesare Marchetti

Football Agent Interview

With all the press (good and bad) about football agent, we decided to get the inside information from football agent Cesare Marchetti on the inner workings of the agency world. Cesare is the managing director of top-level professional football agency M.S.M Football ltd. Other Football Agent Articles [catlist id=3911] Football Agent Interview – Cesare Marchetti […]

The 6 Most Powerful Football Agents In the World


Who is the most powerful football agent in the world? They are the men that make football happen, the men behind the scenes, the men many coaches and chairpersons hate. They are always seen wearing shiny shoes and sleek suits and are known for a 10% cut of every contract signed for a sponsor or […]

How to Become a Football Agent


In modern football, we keep seeing big deals and contracts being signed by players and football clubs. Many wonder how a deal worth tens or hundreds of millions pounds is secured. But with the help of football agents, such deals can be secured and seen through. Football agents search, negotiate and secure contracts for their […]

The Latest Football Agent Jobs

Football Agent Jobs

Are you looking to venture into a career as a football agent, well you’ve come to the right place. Below we have listed a variety of the best football agent jobs around. Football Agent Roles: A football agent legally represents a professional player, manager or coach in matters such as: Negotiating employment Endorsement contracts Finding […]

The Ultimate Football Coach Guide

Football Coach

The Role of the Football Coach Believe it or not a football coach’s role goes far beyond the creating and implementing training drills. Although coaching and improving players is vitally important a football coach must also work with players to reach their full potential in all areas. Football coaches are responsible for training players by: […]

Football Coaching Jobs

football coaching jobs

Are you looking for further your football coaching career? Well we’ve got your covered. Below we have listed a variety of the best football coaching jobs around. A Football Coach’s Roles: Football coaching jobs vary depending on your experience, the age of player you’re coaching and your position within the coaching team, however a rough […]

How to Get a Football Agent – What to Consider Before You Sign

how to get a football agent

Have you recently turned professional or are you soon planning to become a professional football player? Well, it might just be the right time for you to consider investing in the services of a professional agent to help you with your management needs. If you can make informed choices when choosing the ideal football agent, […]

The Football Agent Ultimate Guide

As late as the 1990s many professional footballers had not embraced the idea of working with a football agent. They relied on their parents, close relatives and friends to act on their behalf. The results were that they ended up being handed unfair deals by their football clubs. A football agent is any person who […]

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