The Ultimate Football Scout Guide

football scout

Are you interested in a career as a football scout? Well we have you covered. This section lists everything you need to know to start or progress your football scout career. Find out the exact course you need to get started, where to find the scouting jobs and resources that will help you stand out […]

How to Become a Football Coach

Become a Football Coach

Are you looking for a fulfilling career in football coaching? As you can imagine getting to the top of the Being a professional football coach is almost as competitive to get into as being a professional football player, so its important that not only does your CV stand out, but that you can demonstrate your […]

Licensed Football Agents List 2018

Football Agents

Official Football Agents The below listed of football agents are approved by FIFA and are published correctly as of 1st April 2015. Accessing a list of newly-licensed players’ agents is only available through FIFA’s official Member Association. FIFA do not directly license football agents. Player agents are individually licensed by each football association. For example The […]

Football Player Pathway – The Ultimate Guide


Start your Footballing Career…  Player Pathway (see below)  Football Academies  Soccer Schools  Careers in Football  Write your Football CV What is the Player Pathway? The player pathway is the professional term used to describe a football player’s career. It reflects the different paths you can choose to become a professional footballer. All football clubs and […]