Are smoothies healthy for football players?

healthy-smoothie-4 We often get asked are smoothies healthy?Smoothies are a big part of the health and fitness routine of top sports men and women for good reason. They enable your body to absorb ingredients quickly in abundance to give your body the boost it needs.To become a professional footballer, making a regular smoothie is a great start, but there are literally hundreds to choose from, so at Player Scout we have assessed the top 100 smoothies specifically for football professionals, and created a top list to save you researching. With smoothies it’s all about the ingredients and your desired results. Are you looking to simply improve your football agility on pitch? Are you looking to heal faster post football matches? Are you looking to build muscle? The purpose for your smoothie is the first and best place to start, since getting the desired results will very much depend on which smoothies you have, and when you take them. For example, there is no point in having a morning smoothie when you get up for targeting post match recovery. In this instance you would need to have your smoothie after your match, putting the right ingredients in your system at the right time.Player Scout have made a list of 6 smoothie recipes to super charge your football training. Each smoothie works in conjunction with different part of you training routine to improve your football performance and assist with different parts of your football training and development to excel at your bodies maximum output levels.We also have our best kept secret, the Ultimate Green Liver Detox for footballers. Training for football is very time-consuming in between juggling your education and other commitments, so it’s easy to neglect some key nutritional food groups that require a lot of preparation or that usually fit with meals that you don’t have time for making. This is where a smoothie comes in very handy. It enables you to prepare your body and mind for football, without having to commit much time from your usual hectic routine. Our Ultimate Green Liver Detox for Footballers is a powerful tonic to enhance your performance.

Are Smoothies Healthy – 6 Tips for improving your Smoothie

1. Freeze chopped banana – Many smoothies for football include bananas for the potassium benefits. Rather than add them from fresh, adding frozen banana keeps your smoothie cool and thick.2. Always add ice as the last ingredient. This enables you to fully blend your other ingredients without completely crushing up all the ice, and by adding ice last prevents the ice from melting too quickly and diluting your smoothie. Some smoothie makers have settings just for crushing ice.3. Using frozen fruit such as summer fruits and berries are cheaper to buy than fresh fruit, last longer and are easy to portion out without wasting any ingredients. Plus they help keep your smoothie cool to drink, perfect for training.4. Choose fruits that are in season – This will also save you money if you wish to buy fresh fruit. During the summer choose berries like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and in the autumn choose fruit like apples, blackberries and plums.5. Add your protein powder to your smoothie to get an extra boost of nutrition.6. Add a little water – With all smoothies, if you add around a half cup of water to your ingredients, you can thin out the thickness making it easier to drink, and reducing the amount of sugar in each glass. This is because all fruit contains natural sugars.

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