Football Hamstring Injury: The Ultimate Guide!

Hamstring injury

The Anatomy of the Hamstring Muscles Symptoms of a Pulled Hamstring (Hamstring Injury) Hamstring Injury Recovery Times Main Causes of a Hamstring Injury in Football Hamstring Injury Prevention in Football Pulled Hamstring Treatment Any footballer who has suffered from a hamstring injury knows how hard it can be to get back to playing again. Hamstring […]

Player Performance Index

Player Performance Index

The Actim Index was renamed the EA Sports Player Performance Index in 2010 and is the industry official player ranking measurement for The Premier League, The Championship, and Scottish Premier League. The Player performance EA Index ranks players each week by their position in a list, and the points build as the season progresses, moving […]

Best Free Kick Takers of all Time

Best Free Kick Takers

Watch the best free kick takers of all time in compilation videos. Learn from the best to be the best, and prepare to be blown away by some crazy skills! All the top world class players in the world are all consistent in their free kicks, as it is a essential skill even for a […]

How to Take a Free Kick

How to take a free kick

Free kicks offer an easy opportunity to score a goal, and can make you an indispensable part of your team, which is why learning how to take a free kick is essential, even as a defender. They are however also very tough, so you need lots of practice and a good solid technique which you […]