Football Academy Categories

football academy categories

Football Academy Ranking Categories set by the Premier League under the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP).

Football Academy FAQ’s

Football Academies FAQ's

Are you interest in finding out more about elite football academies? Below are some of the most frequently asked academy related questions. If you have any further questions jot them in the comments below. CHAPTER 1  What is a Football Academy? A football academy is a facility set up to develop young footballers. It’s most […]

Birth Order In Football

Birth Order

Do you have an older brother or sister? If your answer is yes, then research suggests you may have a significant advantage in making it as a professional footballer. A 2012 study ‘Pathway to Podium’ assessed 229 athletes at all levels across 34 sports. They categorised their skill level (non-elite, pre-elite and elite) and compared […]

Academy Player Contracts

Youth Football Academy Contracts

Youth football academy contracts and registrations can be very stressful and be difficult to understand for both players and parents. With endless amounts of abbreviated form names, it’s difficult to work out what to sign and when to sign it. Below is a guide to what forms you can expect to sign at each age […]

Can you play for two football teams?

Can You Play For Two Football Teams Academies

Has your son been offered a chance to play for two football teams? Or is he being forced to choose between academy and grassroots? Find out the rules here