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English Soccer Schools


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Premier League Soccer Schools

Every football club in the Premier League organise soccer schools to engage youngsters in the game of football. Soccer schools are the earliest ‘official’ route into playing for, or with your local club. The football club scouts monitor and watch soccer schools sessions and use them as a spring board for spotting upcoming talent that they can invite to football academy trials.

Premier League Soccer schools in general are reasonably priced, since the purpose is to encourage children from all backgrounds to take part. Not only do children learn the skills of football, but they also learn team work and social skills, which they can use throughout life. Helping children from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances is a core objective of all Premier League football clubs to develop social inclusion.

All Soccer Schools

We’ve reviewed all the official Premier League and Championship Soccer Schools in the UK. Find out all about what you will learn and how to book your place on to a soccer school.



  1. Hey
    My names GAI kiir GAI Silva
    I am from south Sudan and I currently stay in Uganda, I am 14 years of age and I play for my open school for international school of Uganda
    I am a winger and at the moment I am looking for a Academy which will allow me in , at the moment I don’t think I have a chance to play football cause I am Lucking connection, so I am relying on you guys
    Thank you

  2. Hi Umaru,

    In the first instance we recommend that you create your football CV using our template, since academy scouts are looking for specific information regarding both you and your playing experience.

    Once you have done this, you need to contact football soccer schools directly since we are not a club. The details of soccer schools are found on each of the relevant club pages.

    the Player Scout team.