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How Football Scouts Evaluate Players


How Football Scouts Evaluate Players

Young player assessment is the process a football scout goes through in order to determine whether or not the individual has got the skills, qualities and attributes that they are looking for at that given time. The following information will give you further depth into how football scouts evaluate players.

When a scout has evaluated a player, if they have what they are looking for they approach the club with their assessment. Player evaluations include the following, so it is important that each upcoming player gives attention to detail to all of these areas.


The technical attributes a scout looks for in a goalkeeper include:

  • Good reflexes
  • Communication with defence
  • One-on-one ability
  • Command of the penalty area
  • Aerial intelligence

Central Defender

The technical attributes a scout looks for in a Central Defender include:

  • Strong and accurate ball heading
  • Tackling ability
  • Height
  • Speed
  • Bravery in attempting challenges
  • Concentration

Full Backs

The technical attributes a scout looks for in a full back include:

  • Pace
  • Stamina
  • Anticipation
  • Tackling ability
  • Marking ability
  • Work rate
  • Team responsibility

Central Midfielder

The technical attributes a scout looks for in a central midfielder include:

  • Stamina
  • Passing ability under pressure
  • Team responsibility
  • Positioning
  • Marking abilities

Wide midfielder

The technical attributes a scout looks for in a wide midfielder include:

  • Pace
  • Technical ability like dribbling and close control
  • Off-the-ball intelligence
  • Creativity


The technical attributes a scout looks for in a forward include:

  • Pace
  • Finishing ability
  • Composure
  • Off-the-ball intelligence
  • Technical ability
  • Heading ability

How football clubs sign players

When a player has been recommended to a football club, this marks the beginning of a potential signing. Some players may be spotted early, and therefore are not ready to be taken on, and in these cases, the club continue to monitor the players progress until they feel they are ready. The football scout that spotted the player will also continue to watch and monitor the player, and over time, it becomes clear, if the player is consistent in their attitude and talent, or whether the scout had discovered them on a ‘good day’.

At a point that the club are in agreement that the player is a potential signing, they send an official football academy trial invitation. These are an exciting time for all young players as they signify that they have reached a certain standard.

At an academy trial all of the clubs main academy staff will be there, each with a job to do in regards to the assessment of each player. At this point they are not just looking for skill set, they will be looking for:

  • Team work
  • Player personality
  • Player mentality
  • Training attitude

At the trial, the football club is able to compare any new talent against players already signed, in order to compare their ability and development areas. A background check will also be made against the player and if this along with their successful trial stacks up then the football club will sign the player or begin to negotiate in order to either transfer the player permanently or as a loan.

If a player is already signed to a top football club, or football club academy, they may not be allowed to miss training, or trial at a new club until their contract has ended, and they can prove that they are still fit. Smaller football clubs tend to be more flexible on this, as they often want the cash if they do decide to sell or let a player go.


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