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Why not give him the chance???

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      ajo on #12478

      what are the chances that a 15 year old can get a YTS place with a club after spending virtually all season on trial with the u16’s but has never been asked to play for YTS team in a competitive game.

      When he plays he stands out, controls the center of the park, good technical ability and game understanding. When he’s not on the pitch you CAN notice that the opposition get more joy from playing through the middle…(im not the only one that’s noticed this)

      he’s in competition with kids that have been their since u8-9…could that have anything to do with it.

      desire, commitment, ambition is on constant show…

      I don’t get it?? why hasn’t he been given the chance/opportunity?……if he wasn’t good enough…why keep him when all the others has been sent packing…

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      PlayerScout on #13125

      Hi ajo,

      It’s not uncommon to here this and it wont do any harm for him to ask his coach for at least 1 game.

      Potentially the other players already in the team are the same standard and therefore it makes sense to keep them in as the team chemistry may well be strong. Alternatively the coach may not want to upset/drop the long playing team members and so by asking you are putting him in a position to at least show fairness and offer 1 game.

      It’s hard to say without knowing the detail behind the team and league, but if the coach is unwilling to play him in a competitive match even after asking, then its worth looking for another team.

      We know many children that were in this position, and after moving teams got to play in the first team line up almost straight away.

      Another area to consider is how committed the player is off the pitch and in terms of team play, leadership nutrition, training etc Are they showing as much dedication as others in the team?

      Keep going and they will get the break they want,
      The Player Scout Team

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