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Academy Help

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      German84 on #9252


      Ive got a 7 year old lad whos in a prep academy , hes doing well palying regular games for them and generally looking good in training , his review was good by the coaches who seem to enjoy having him there ,

      but the lack of coaching is getting to him hes not really getting any real attention on what he needs to work on as for most of the kids there , and progress seems to going backwards over the last 6 weeks

      he was training 3 days a week there along with his local club but i cut that to 2 days to help rest him , he keeps telling me hes getting fed up with the same old training nothing different its 3on3 after their 200 touches exercise .

      everywhere he playes he gets constant praise on how good he is/ could be . he plays up a year and stands out

      my question is am i wasting my time at the current location or should i try something new for him a fresh approach to training my help ??

      i dont want his time being wasted in a academy that’s not really helping his focus and grow as a player but then i don’t want to piss on my chips if you get me


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      PlayerScout on #11328

      Hi German84,

      It sounds promising that he is being praised regularly.

      Please remember that your son’s training attitude will have a direct impact on him being considered to go further. Scout networks also watch each other so regardless of him finding the content of the training boring, there may be a good reason for what he is being asked to do.

      Is it a professional registered football club or a privately run academy not linked to a club? As a rule of thumb, if the academy is part of an actual football club, then for sure he will have scouts watching him, not just from that club but from other ones too. So if the end game is for him to play professionally and he is in a football club academy, then he is in the right place, and our recommendation would be to approach his coach to discuss how he can be stretched further during training.

      If the academy is a privately run business with no link to a football club, then pulling him is a decision you could consider since he isn’t actually at a club based academy, so he would still need to join a club academy to progress to a professional level.

      Worth bearing in mind that if the academy is private but well known, then perhaps there are scouts watching, and your son’s disinterest or boredom may be interpreted by a scout as laziness.

      What is most important is your child’s happiness, and if he really isn’t enjoying the training, then you do need to listen to him and again discuss with his coach. It may be that the coach is deliberately pushing him to be better, and that your son finds this boring and repetitive, but that at the heart of it, the coach may know exactly how to develop him.

      If he is already playing club level, then persist with that as a football club scout will at some point be watching.

      Perhaps also worth sitting down with your son to ask him what training he finds fun, and what he doesn’t so that you can relay this to his coaches.

      The Player Scout Team

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      German84 on #11453

      Thanksfor the replay

      He’s in a professional academy, the problem I have is he’s getting scouted from other academies ( like alot of kids do if they show a glimmer of potential) what I’ve done is sit down with him and ask him what he wants out of football and is main answer was to learn as much as possible.

      He’s currently been to a private academy with links to other academys and they’ve already referred him to another academy, so if he shows potential there then he may have options and then he can see what suits him best.

      I’m far from pushy as a parent I’m not really happy having him in a place where he’s unhappy regardless of their reputation, I’d rather him take a step back and be happy playing.

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