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      Andy on #6289

      Hi,I am from Republic of Ireland, My 12 year old son has a lot of interest with various scouts for English clubs.. He is attending an academy in Belfast for one club.. Can he attend trials for other English clubs while attending the academy.?


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      PlayerScout on #6329

      Hi Andy,

      This sounds like very positive news indeed.

      We recommend the below link to understand football academy rules in more detail, but essentially, you cannot go to trials whilst under contract without permission from the academy your son is signed to. However, academy contracts are mainly 1-2 years in length so not too much of a commitment if you do need to wait for it to expire.

      We would recommend discussing the clubs offering a trial with your sons current club to see if permission can be granted.

      Also worth noting that if your son is released from the academy he is added to a list that all clubs can access and from there can offer him a trial.

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      the Player Scout team

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