9 Snacks for Footballers to Fuel Like a Pro (2019)

This is the biggest list of healthy snacks for footballers on the planet.

As you probably know, it’s really hard to find healthy snacks that actually taste good and are easy to prepare. 

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got just the thing for you.

This is a complete list of healthy snacks for footballers’ recipes. And the best part is they all taste great!

So, if you want to add some snacks to your footballers diet that will halt your cravings between meals, you’ll love this list.

1: Banana and Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is one of the best snacks for footballers as it is nutritious and super easy to make. It’s also packed with simple carbohydrates so great for a post workout recovery meal.Time to prepare: Around 1 minutes  Time to blend: 1 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Large Banana (1)
    • Frozen mixed berries (½ cup)
    • Honey (½ tbsp)
    • Skimmed Milk (1 cup)
How to Make:
    Step 1: Simply put all of the below ingredients into a blender and mix until no lumps remain and you have a smooth texture
    Step 2: Then drink immediately
Banana and berry smoothie snack for footballers

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Also if you were more interested in nutrition for the general population, you can check out nutrition.org for general nutritional advice. 

2: Oven Baked Chips

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to crisps (I have a soft spot for cheesy Doritos)? Then why not make your own, with this easy snack recipe. This is a great snack for footballers who love savoury treats.Time to prepare: Around 10 minutes  Time to cook: 30 minutes  Ingredients:
    • 2 Potatoes (aim for around 250g per potato)
    • Olive Oil spray
(For a healthier option, you can use sweet potato (500g), however these will not be as crispy).How to Make:
    Step 1: Preheat oven (230°C)
    Step 2: Spray (lightly) olive oil over to baking trays.
    Step 3: Cut potatoes into 3mm thick even slices
    Step 4: Spread slices evenly over tray
    Step 5: Spray lightly with olive oil (again)
    Step 6: Bake until crispy and golden browny colour (25-30 minutes)
    Step 7: Season lightly with salt, if extra flavour is needed
Baked oven chips as a snack for footballers

3: Egg and Rocket Sandwiches

Are you an egg lover? Then you may prepare this egg and rocket sandwich snack to curb your hunger.Time to prepare: Around 5 minutes  Time to cook: 10 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Free range eggs (x3)
    • Light mayonnaise (3 tbsp)
    • Rocket (1 cups)
    • Dijon Mustard (1 tbsp)
    • Finely chopped chives (2 tbsp)
    • Wholemeal bread (4 slices)
(lightly salt and pepper to your taste preference)How to Make:
    Step 1: Boil your eggs for 10 minutes until hard
    Step 2: Remove egg shells and mash eggs, until fully broken up
    Step 3: Add eggs, mayonnaise, mustard and chives to a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Lightly sprinkle salt and pepper for seasoning.
    Step 4: Lay out 2 slices of wholemeal bread and spread the combined egg mixture on top. Finish by add rocket leaves on top and cut into the desired sandwich shape.
Egg mayonaise sandwiches for football snack

This a great snack for adding some extra protein to your diet. However, if you’re finding hard to reach your protein (or any nutrient) needs, check out our supplements for footballers guide.

4: Club Sandwich

Another great sandwich snack idea is the ever popular ‘Club Sandwich’.Time to prepare: Around 10 minutes  Time to cook: 0 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Toasted Wholemeal bread (2 slices)
    • Toasted Rye Bread (1 slice) 
    • Lettuce (2 leaves) 
    • Cooked chicken pieces or turkey strips (35g)
    • Reduce fat cheese (1 slice) 
    • Sliced large tomato (1 half)
    • Reduced fat ham (20g) 
    • Cucumber (5 thin slices)
How to Make:
    Step 1: Remove crust from both slices of bread
    Step 2: Spread one side of each slice with mayonnaise (lightly)
    Step 3: Assemble the sandwich by placing the lettuce leaves directly on to the wholemeal slice, followed by the chicken, then rye bread, cucumber, cheese ham, and then tomato.
    Step 4: Add the final slice of bread to the top. You can place a stick (toothpick) through the sandwich to hold in place).

5: Choc Banana and Nut Smoothie

Here’s a quick snack idea that tastes great.Time to prepare: Around 2 minutes  Time to blend: 0 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Low fat milk (1 cup)
    • Light vanilla ice cream (1 scoop)
    • Banana (1 ripe)
    • Nesquik (1 tbsp) 
    • Peanut Butter (1 tbsp)
    • Honey (1 tbsp) 
    • Ice cubes (x4)
How to Make:
    Step 1: Add all ingredients into your blender
    Step 2: Blend on full power until smooth
    Step 3: Serve and drink immediately
snacks for footballers choc banana and nut smoothie

Let’s be honest, smoothies are great! And here is a list of our favourites smoothies to help with all areas of your fitness and recovery.

6: Scrambled Eggs on Toast

One of the favourites for the egg lovers out there. Here’s a twist n the classic scrambled egg. Also if you’re looking for a great pre match meal idea, definitely add this one to your list.Time to prepare: Around 2 minutes  Time to cook: 4 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Large eggs (x2)
    • Low fat milk (¼ cup) 
    • Salt (pinch)
    • Butter (½ tbsp) 
    • Wholemeal Bread (1 slice)
How to Make:
    Step 1: Add eggs, milk and salt into a bowl and whisk thoroughly
    Step 2: Add butter to frying pan (medium heat) and melt
    Step 3: Pour whisked egg mixture into pan
    Step 3: Stir gently with a wooden spoon until fluffy.
    Step 3: Serve on toast
snacks for footballers scrambled eggs on toast

7: Mango Smoothie

Time to prepare: Around 2 minutes  Looking for something a little more exotic. Why not try this Mango smoothie recipe. Makes a great mocktail aswell when you want to socialise with friends without drinking alcohol.Time to cook: 0 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Skimmed milk (1 cup)
    • Low fat Vanilla Ice Cream (1 scoop)
    • Fresh Mango (½)
How to Make:
    1. Step 1: Add all ingredients to blender. Blend until smooth
      Step 2: Pour into glass and drink
snacks for footballers mango smoothie

8: Green Smoothie

Looking for a fresh tasting snack to help boost performance? Then this one if definitely for you.Time to prepare: Around 2 minutes  Time to cook: 0 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Apple (½)
    • Avocado (½)
    • Watermelon (75g)
    • Coconut water (200ml)
    • Baby spinach (30g)
    • Lime juice (1 tbsp)
    • Mint leaves (5)
    • Ice Cubes (5)
    • Low fat Vanilla Ice Cream (1 scoop)
    • Fresh Mango (½)
How to Make:
    1. Step 1: Add spinach, lime juice and ice to a blender and blend for 45 seconds
      Step 2: Then add the remaining ingredients and blend for a further 30 seconds
      Step 3: Serve in glass and drink immediately

Smoothies are a really good way to get a quick blast of nutrients. Here is 6 ways to improve your smoothie making to get more bang for your buck.

9: Homemade Baked Beans on Toast

Looking for a healthier version of the classic beans on toast. Why not make your own?Can’t cook, no excuse this recipe can be put together in no time and is also a great post match or workout meal idea.Time to prepare: Around 8 minutes  Time to cook: 26 minutes  Ingredients:
    • Olive oil (½ tbsp))
    • Finely chopped onion (1)
    • Diced celery stick (1)
    • Red kidney beans (400g)
    • Crushed tomatoes (400g)
    • Haricot Beans (400g)
    • Chopped Onion (½)
    • Dijon Mustard (2 tbsp)
    • Golden syrup (1 tbsp)
    • Tomato Sauce (3 tbsp)
    • Worcestershire sauce (1 tbsp)
    • Wholemeal toast
    • Low fat Vanilla Ice Cream (1 scoop)
    • Fresh Mango (½)
How to Make:
    1. Step 1: Add olive oil to frying pan over medium heat
      Step 2: Add diced celery and onion
      Step 3: Mix in tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, golden syrup and beans
      Step 4: Stir and simmer for 20 minutes, until mixture thickens and beans become tender
      Step 5: serve on toasted wholemeal bread
snacks for footballers beans on toast

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