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Top 5 Swiss Balls



Other names for the Swiss Ball

  • Swiss Ball
  • Exercise Ball
  • Physioball
  • Stability Ball
  • Gym Ball
  • Fitness Ball
  • Balance Ball
  • Pilates Ball
  • Birth Ball
  • Pregnancy Training Ball
  • Pregnancy Training Ball

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Swiss Balls are commonly named gym balls or exercise balls, and are widely used in football training and fitness. Particularly for injury prevention, rehabilitation, muscle strengthening and conditioning.

Swiss balls are an excellent piece of equipment for football training since they enable a player to challenge and develop their upper and lower body strength, which are essential for agility and core body strength regardless of your build, although they are also widely found in gyms and recommended for all fitness and strengthening for both men and women.

We have reviewed the top 5 Swiss Balls specifically for football, and also suggest a killer swiss ball exercise challenge that not even the top athletes can all master. This challenge will ensure your physical conditioning is on point by strengthening your upper and lower body really developing your core strength and stability, which is key for challenges and getting your body into position as fast as possible during a match.

How to choose the right size Swiss Ball

swiss ball height chart

Top 5 Swiss Balls

1. Fitness Swiss Ball

swiss-gym-ballbuy-now-buttonWe love this Fitness Swiss Ball. It’s great value, is made from anti burst material, and comes with a dual action hand pump and a free ebook with 20 core crushing exercises & fitness workouts you can do at home, making it a great all rounder for people of all experiences.
Spec: 65cm when inflated to the maximum capacity
Price: £11.97


2. ResultSport® Anti-Burst Gym Exercise Ball

sport-swiss-gym-exercise-ballbuy-now-buttonWe love this Fitness Swiss Ball. The ResultSport Gym Swiss Ball has an anti burst technology which is load tested with 250kg! They provide a DVD and Double Action Pump, and you can choose
from 3 sizes, making it very appealing for all height ranges. We also love its anti slip surface for when you are training hard.
Spec: 55cm / 65cm / 75cm
Price: £17.31 – £19.64


3. Exercise Gym Swiss Ball

swiss-ball-gymbuy-now-buttonWe love this Fitness Swiss Ball. This exercise swiss ball comes in your choice of 3 sizes, 5 colours (blue/silver/green/pink/purple) and has a useful compliamentory foot pump. It’s anti-burst technology is robust and starting at just under 2 pounds is an absolute steal! If you are just starting out and don’t want to spend much on your equipment, then this is the exercise ball you need to be buying. This swiss ball helps to develop overall body muscle, balance and co-ordination. It is also perfect post training with warm down yoga exercises, and is safe and easy to use.
Spec: 55cm / 65cm / 85cm
Price: £1.99 – £7.47


4. Studio Pro Swiss Ball

fitness-mad-swiss-ballbuy-now-buttonWe love this Fitness Swiss Ball. This small swiss gym ball is perfect for teenagers and smaller heights, but has the durability and robustness of the larger swiss balls that are load tested for professionals. Ideal for home and gym use, its durable rubber can take a 500Kg weight.
Spec: 55cm when inflated to the maximum capacity
Price: £17.22


5. Fitness Swiss Ball

swiss-ball-exercisebuy-now-buttonWe love this Fitness Swiss Ball. This silver swiss ball is great value for money, as it not only includes the swiss ball, but also includes a two way hand pump and an A3 1 page exercise workout instruction chart. The durable anti-burst rubber is 55cm (22 inches), and it is made from EU approved phthalates free pvc which contains no heavy metal elements making it super safe to use.
Spec: 55cm when inflated to the maximum capacity
Price: £6.99

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