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Stability Ball Sizes


Other names for the Stability Ball

  • Swiss Ball
  • Exercise Ball
  • Physioball
  • Stability Ball
  • Gym Ball
  • Fitness Ball
  • Balance Ball
  • Pilates Ball

Stability Ball Sizes – How to Choose the Right One

Don’t under estimate the power of a stability ball! They may look a bit boring and ineffective, but stability balls are one of the most powerful ways you can build up your core strength and muscles which is key in football agility.

Plus they are cheap, so won’t leave you spending on expensive training gear that you won’t get value from.

It’s important that the stability ball you use fits your height, since the pressure it puts on your joints and muscles is reflective of the size you use. Using the wrong size stability ball could hurt you, which is why its important to work out the stability ball you need.

Follow the chart below to see what size stability ball you should be buying, as a stability ball size is relevant to your height and weight (see Swiss Ball height chart).

swiss ball height chart


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