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Football Highlight Video

In most working environments, employees learn a set of rules and then apply them to work situations, however, football is different.

Elite football is geared around learning principles and ideologies you can interpret to improve your ability and play.

This is the hardest part to show on your football CV as highlighting a skill is a lot easier to show, then write about.

Therefore it is important to create a winning football CV then links to an online library of your own videos showing your skills.

Quick Tips for Making a Football Highlight Video

Edit Aggressively: Cut and trim your clips to only show the highlights. Scouts are very busy and if your build up is too long, they will lose patients fast.

Variety is the spice of life: Mix up your video clips and highlights.

Add clips of you performing all of the attributes needed in your position (check out our football CV book for more on this).

Music is not essential: If you plan on adding music to your videos, make sure you pick wisely. Do not pick an offensive or controversial track(no swearing). Remember this is background music and should not detract from your highlights.

Introduce yourself at the beginning. Start your video off with a 10-second introduction of your name, position and squad number (Make sure you are wearing your kit in the video intro).

Common Football Video Mistakes

Lastly, make sure the scout can identify who you are. Too many players send in great clips without highlighting who they are in the video.


To make your football clip clear try using arrow overlays or highlight areas of the video.

If you cannot edit video and are on a budget, you can download free video editing software online. You can also visit sites like Freelancer where you can post your requirements and video editors from around the world will bid to edit your footage from around £10.

The easiest way to host video footage of yourself is to set up a YouTube channel. The advantage of this is that you can make the link to your channel bespoke. For example:

Another way to host videos is to set up a google plus page and record videos on your phone and upload them to your google plus page.

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