The Ultimate Football Coach Guide

The Role of the Football Coach

Believe it or not a football coach’s role goes far beyond the creating and implementing training drills. Although coaching and improving players is vitally important a football coach must also work with players to reach their full potential in all areas.Football coaches are responsible for training players by:
  • Reviewing and analysing their performance
  • Providing encouragement
  • Advising on relevant areas of improvement
  • Guiding the player on and off the field
Often in modern football players may leave the comfort of their home for an academy as early as 10/11 years old. This is where a coach’s job becomes even more important in a players life.
Other Football Coach Articles [catlist id=3912]These young impressionable players look up to authority figures such as football coaches and managers. There a football coach’s role includes:
  • Mentor
  • Instructor
  • Chauffeur
  • Demonstrator
  • Adviser
  • Supporter
  • Fact finder
  • Role model
  • Assessor
  • Motivator
  • Friend
  • Facilitator
  • Organizer
  • Counselor
  • Planner
  • Fountain of knowledge
What to know more about how to become a football coach, check out this video:

The Anatomy of a Great Football Coach

Football Coach

A Football Coach’s Key Task

One of the key roles of a football coach is to create the best environment for a player to develop all aspects of his game. They help players to feel motivated, whilst minimalizing the pressure felt by the players.Most football players are highly motivated to win and further their careers, and it is the role of the coach to keep the players enthusiastic, excited and motivated.The day to day task of a football coach includes:
  • Preparing training programs for players
  • Communicating effective to help improve players
  • Helping players to develop new skills
  • Testing and evaluating players
  • Monitoring player’s progress and predicting performance
So as you can see, football coaching is more than just teaching a player how to pass a ball, it involves a holistic approach to improving and developing players. Therefore it takes a certain type of person to become a good football coach.

Football Coaching at Different Levels

Youth Football Coaching Coaching roles will vary depending on the level and country you are coaching in. The main goal of a youth football coach is to development the fundamental skills need for the game, whilst emphasising the fun side of the game.In theory this idea is best practice, however in real life parental influence and a winning mentality for coaches sometimes leads to high pressure on young players.Many governing bodies from around the world have reassess their overall youth coaching structure to ensure coaches put enjoyment and development ahead of winning at all costs.Professional Football Coaching The main of a professional football coach is to develop players to fit into the first team set up. In most cases the head coach (also known as manager) has a team of assistance coaches who work together to develop the whole squad. As goalkeepers are unique, all professional teams have a goalkeeping expert coach to work with all of the goalkeepers.Professional coaching teams also consist of strength and condition coaches and injury prevention medical teams.

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