How to Become a Football Agent

In modern football, we keep seeing big deals and contracts being signed by players and football clubs. Many wonder how a deal worth tens or hundreds of millions pounds is secured. But with the help of football agents, such deals can be secured and seen through.Football agents search, negotiate and secure contracts for their clients (players, managers or coaches). No major contracts can be signed without them. Of late, many people are considering a career as a football agent as it can be highly lucrative if one succeeds. From the outside looking in it may seem an easy job. But being a successful football agent requires more than is perceived. Apart from the professional skills, a passion for football is also a key necessity for success.

How To Become a Football Agent

What are some of the main skills needed for a football agent? Patience, hard work and determination are also important virtues. You cannot expect to get a license today and wake up the following morning closing big deals for your clients.You may have to start small but with determination and hard work, your reputation will increase and soon big deals will be knocking at your door.Success is unlikely if you are untrustworthy. A football agent must ensure there is trust between him/her and the client.Financial Skills how-to-become-a-football-agent-business-skills
Riches are likely to come your way as an agent. Not only you but also your client. It can be helpful and an added advantage if you have proper financial management skills. This means you may need to offer financial advice to your client. In modern football, being an agent is not just about business, agents nowadays are part of the client’s family.

A Player Agents Percentage

With many huge contracts being signed, the popularity of a career as a player agent has tremendously increased. A football agent can get in the range 3% to 10% of the player’s contract. However some deals may bring in even more than 10% with Juventus confirming that Mino Raiola (Pogba’s agent) pocketed £24.1M from the £89m transfer which saw the french return to Old Trafford.Seeing the likes of Mino Raiola and Jorge Mendes (Ronaldo’s agent) success, many people are thinking of how they can enter into this career. So how do you start?

Step 1: Football Agent Registration

This is the first step to becoming a professional football agent. As of 2001, all football agents had to be registered by FIFA. Right now, it is required that you are registered by your country’s football association. In case of dual citizenship, then you will have to seek registration using the most recent citizenship. The applicant has to send a written application for a players’ agent’s license to the relevant association. Applicants that work as an employee or official at FIFA or any other football organization are ineligible as stated in FIFA regulations Players’ Agents.

Step 2: Football Agent Examination

how-to-become-a-football-agent-exam After a successful application and the association has confirmed that all the requirements are met, you will be invited for an examination. You will be given twenty multi-choice questions that you shall have to answer under the surveillance of the association and FIFA.Examinations are usually held in the months of March and September. The exact dates are announced by FIFA in the months of January and June so that the applicant can get ample preparation time. The most essential knowledge tested is on football regulations (mostly concerning football transfers) ,civil law and law of obligations.

Step 3: Insurance

Once you have passed the examination and before issuing you a license, the association has to ensure that you have obtained professional liability insurance. This is the insurance that will cover the risks that could occur as a result of the agent’s activity. It will also cater for the damages that may incur in case of terminating the agent’s activity. The association will check the compliancy of the professional liability insurance with the regulations before issuing the license to the agent.The applicant can opt for a different way rather than the professional insurance liability. Although not common, he/she can provide a guarantee from Swiss bank. A minimum amount of CHF 100,000 is required for this option. Once the association is satisfied with the insurance, the agent will have to sign the Code of Professional Conduct. Afterwards, he/she will be issued the license.With the license, football agents can freely carry out their activities. By employing all the important virtues, the journey to a successful career will have started.

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