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About Player Scout

about Player Scout

PlayerScout are a team of football experts made up of:

  1. Nutritionists
  2. Sports conditioning coaches
  3. Sport psychologists
  4. Football Scouts
  5. Physios
  6. Football Coaches
  7. Football Agents

Curating advice for players, coaches and scouts to help improve in all areas of football performance.

PlayerScout content includes:

Football Nutrition
Providing information on the latest sports nutrition advice, the ideal footballers’ diet, meal plans, hydration, nutrient timing and dietary supplements to improve your performance.

Football Training
Individual training and recovery tips to help you improve all aspect of your game.

How to Get Scouted
The processes behind professional scouting, how to improve your chances of getting scouted and impressing at football trials.

Football Psychology
Strategies to improve your mental strength, helping you to reach optimal performance levels and cope in all situations on and off the pitch.

Our Mission

To provide expert knowledge and top of the game advice on how to become a professional football player, developing your body, game play and mindset.

About Player Scout

At Player Scout, we come to work every day because we want to share our knowledge, and help players maximise their full potential within football.

There is no one size fits all solution to becoming a professional football player. However, we work hard to create and supply all the necessary information to improve your chances of competing at the highest level.

Coaches are Guessing

A large number of grassroots coaches are unaware of how to effectively train individual players, or how to develop position-specific attributes.

With over 12,500 players signed to football club academies in the UK, that’s 12,438 football players that won’t make it into a professional first team! But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Throughout the history of football, coaches use proven experience to develop players. However, with the pressure of modern-day football, there is a distinct lack of patience to allow players to mature and gain confidence. Our mission at Player Scout is to make the football player development industry as transparent as possible. Allowing players from all backgrounds the chance to improve their game. We want to ensure that top of the game training techniques are available to everyone, not just the 12,500 academy players.

And for those lucky enough to make it into an academy, we want to help them to learn about their bodies, game play and mindset, so that more will progress into first-team players from grassroots.

Who is PlayerScout useful for?

  • Junior Football Players – Learn about the football academy process and the player pathway to the professional game
  • Parents – Understand what it takes for your child to progress in football, without reducing their enjoyment of the game
  • Senior Football Players – Football training and nutritional advice
  • Football Scouts and Coaches – Free resources for your players to help them improve

Key areas of PlayerScout

PlayerScout offers readers in-depth content and advice developed through their network of football professionals on the following subjects:

  • How to get scouted
  • Football career advice
  • Football training tips
  • Football psychology
  • Nutritional advice
  • Football trials
  • The academy process
  • Latest kit reviews

the pfsa playerscout partnership

The PlayerScout /PFSA Partnership

PlayerScout is the official content partner of the PFSA. The PFSA advise football scouts and coaches to use content from the PlayerScout site to assist in developing their players.
the pfsa player scout partnership

Why have the PFSA partnered with PlayerScout? is one of the leading resources for football development advice for players and staff. Founded in 2012, the PlayerScout team publish free daily content on all areas of the modern game.

The site answers the high demand for relevant football development information from players and parents. Today PlayerScout is recognised as an authoritative voice, providing free football advice to its monthly readers worldwide, assisting them in becoming better players and progressing their careers.