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Get Scouted

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    • Keymaster
      PlayerScout on #4255

      Ask all your questions about getting scouted and our expert coaches and sports science specialists will give you all the help you need to improve your game.

    • Mat on #4949

      We come from Poland and now we living in Liverpool . My son took part in a soccer school in February. However, the fourth day of the injured and no longer was it on Friday. He did not meet the scouts . How can you meet with some souts to join the team ? We would like to make an appointment with scouts to saw his skills and rated him. I think it is worthy of attention so please to meet with you.

    • Donna on #5031


      I have a 13 year old girl who has played here in Spain for 7 years, she is currently playing in FFCV which is the Valencia League. When she was 11 she had trials for regions here in Valencia but had an injury so only made it down to the 16. She has an ability and reads the game fluently. She will be playing in the Costa Blanca Cup in Benidorm this year and also the Iber Cup in Marbella. If there is anyone out there with any advice or connections then I would happily receive these. I think she has the potential to make it all the way and I am prepared to do what it takes for her.

    • Keymaster
      PlayerScout on #5184

      Hi Mat,
      It’s fantastic that your son is playing, and official football club soccer schools are very influential. The scouting industry operates as a network, and often people you don’t realise are influential are in fact key pillars in the football community.

      However, a huge part of getting scouted is about long term commitment, your child’s training and nutrition efforts and being seen playing regularly. Scouting doesn’t happen overnight and often players are monitored for months before being approached.

      If your son doesn’t yet have a regular club, we advise that you find a grass roots football club in your local area for him to join. From there you can begin to build up his football CV.

      Have you made your son’s football CV with him? If not follow our guide as it’s a very easy process. The link is:

      How to Write a Football CV

      And to download a template for free is here:

      Football CV

      We would also recommend that you take some footage of your son playing, that you can build up over time.

      If he plays regularly and performing well, you will be sure to cross paths a scout.

      If you wanted to hear directly from Liverpool we would advise speaking to their academy team, all of which are listed here:

      If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      The Player Scout Team

      • Mat on #5344

        We found football club in our local area it’s Remyca FC U15 .
        Thnx for your answer.

        • Keymaster
          PlayerScout on #6330

          Hi Mat,
          That’s great news good luck!
          the Player Scout team

    • Participant
      Andy on #6290

      Hi,I am from Republic of Ireland, My 12 year old son has a lot of interest with various scouts for English clubs.. He is attending an academy in Belfast for one club.. Can he attend trials for other English clubs while attending the academy.?

    • Participant
      howellsy on #11933

      My grandson is 10 and as a football coach at primary school level, I believe he has a real talent- and I’m not just being biased! He has been offered places in several local development centres, but at a cost! I believe he is good enough to get a place at an academy, without going down the route of development centres, if a scout were to watch him play. How would one go about inviting a scout to watch a game?

      • Keymaster
        PlayerScout on #12450

        Hi Howellsy,

        Inviting scouts to training is not something you can do. However all recognised football academies, development centres and teams have scouts regularly watching. The general rule of thumb to follow is to do you research on where your grandson plays to ensure that they are professional clubs/academies/development centres are audited by the EPPP. This is the Elite Player Performance Plan regulated and launched by the Premier League.

        The main objective of the EPPP is to improve the quality and quantity of home grown players in the UK. The plan was created with the individual player in mind with input from the Premier League, the Football League, the Football Association and various football clubs.

        You can read more about the EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) here:

        Football Academy Categories 2016/17

        Any person, even with coaching qualifications can set up a business as a development centre, and some are really very good since they educate children and teach them skills they wouldn’t pick up just ‘playing’ football, however there are also poor quality ones, and none are guarenteed to have scouts watching.

        However because the Elite Player Performance Plan is focusing on developing grass roots talent, there are many many scouts visiting these clubs, academies, training grounds and development centres, so our advice is for you as his guardian to help him progess by ensuring you are exposing him to these audited clubs / teams, since by doing so you will be exposing him to scouts.

        We also encourage you to read up on How to Get Scouted (link below). This is because you can have a lot of talent as a football player but not exude the attributes a scout is looking for. So reading up will enable you to teach him how to behave on and off the pitch in front of professionals, how to show good work ethics and what to eat etc as scouts look for the whole package.

        How to Get Scouted – The Ultimate Guide

        Best of luck to you and your grandson.
        The Player Scout Team

    • Participant
      SA on #12073

      I know most UK clubs invite potential talented player to trial after being seen playing. I am in Australia and have played at an elite level since 2010. I am captain of U16s Premier League 1 team. How can I get invited to trial in the UK? Can I send videos of games and CV to anyone or do scouts ever come out to view the talent in Australia.

      • Keymaster
        PlayerScout on #13122

        Hi SA,

        That’s a very good question.

        In your case, if you really are up to this standard, you may well be what a scout is looking for however most scouts are not travelling because they earn a commission based on successful player referrals. The most elite scouts that generally work full time for a club will likely travel, but for planned trips, which leaves you still in unseen territory.

        Which league are you playing in? The best approach may be to approach a senior coach and discuss with them your desire to play in the UK, because often scouts are well connected within the industry. It may be that you have never been recommended because no one has known your would be prepared to travel.

        In relation to your CV, we recommend the following:

        1 – Write your football CV. This needs a lot of thought so refer to our Football CV pages to ensure you get it right

        How to Write a Football CV 2016/17

        2 – If you have video clips this will also be worthwhile. Show your skills and positioning in gameplay. Remember to keep it short….30 seconds is enough to show your skills and if they want to see more they will ask because you need to be aware of just how busy and overloaded with applications a scout is.

        Keep up your training, nutrition and positive attitude as all of these elements are looked at when recruiting players. For more detail on what a football scout looks for read the below:

        How to Get Scouted – The Ultimate Guide

        Best of luck and thanks for getting in touch. Let us know how it goes,

        The Player Scout Team

    • Participant
      bob on #12566

      Hi we use to live in London than we move in Bosnia .I have 2 sons 10 and 14 years old.They activ and playing footbal for 6 years.In septembar we are gona move in Cardiff .Can you give me any advice how to start to find footbal trials or academy.They trainers have UEFA LICENS Or how to continue footbal activitis.

      • Keymaster
        PlayerScout on #13123

        Hi Bob,

        Sure, we recommend the following steps for both of your sons.

        1 – Each of your sons must join their school team. Scouts look in schools and college, and it is almost mandatory that you need to be seen playing for your first team. The reason being that to get into a local club team, coaches will look at a variety of personality traits, not just skill on the field and commitment / passion for football is one of them.

        Any child keen on football, even in a top club, will always additionally play in their schools team, because they love the game. It also helps to widen your network.

        2 – Spend a day with our sons helping them to write a list of their strengths on the pitch. Use this Guide to Football Positions and remember to collect evidence of good skills, match highlights as well, because if they don’t know what he has to offer, how can he communicate that to potential coaches?

        Football Positions – The Ultimate Guide 2017

        Once this is complete, it is essential that they each have a football CV. Use the following to help you:

        Football CV Template

        3 – In addition to the above it’s now time to start reaching out to local teams. Our recommendation is to look up the local leagues to identify your nearest clubs in Cardiff. As long as they are in a league, this is a perfect start. You don’t want to overwhelm either son by putting him into a team too advanced, its better to join a nearby team and play. If they doesn’t feel stretched enough he can continue playing until he finds a better team.

        From playing, in leagues, this is when opportunities from scouts will start to come about. Due to competition its always tough to get trials at a club, so by doing the above you increase their chances

        Best of luck,
        The Player Scout Team

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