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Football Academies/Schools

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      footy06 on #12709


      We are looking for a reputable academy or soccer school in Spain. We are trawling the internet, trying to establish, if the academies or soccer schools really offer what they say. We have been to see a few and have been quite disappointed with the level of training, amongst other things.

      We would like to offer our son a full year of top level coaching to help him reach his full potential and then look to find trials for him. He is 16.

      Would you have any advice for us?

      Thank you

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      PlayerScout on #13121

      Hi Footy06,

      Thanks for reaching out. The same applies to clubs in Spain as in the UK, in that as a general rule of thumb we recommend that you to do the following if your son is serious about playing.

      1 – If he is at school college, it is almost mandatory that you need to be seen playing for your first team. The reason being that to get into a local club team, coaches will look at a variety of personality traits, not just skill on the field and commitment / passion for football is one of them.

      Playing once a week for a good team wont gain you more that playing 3/4 times a week for a variety of teams. It also helps to widen your network.

      2 – At 16, our son will likely know already what his strengths are and what he is good at on the pitch. Use this Guide to Football Positions to discuss with your son and write a list of ll his key strengths. Remember to collect evidence of good skills, match highlights as well, because if he doesn’t know what he has to offer, how can he communicate that to potential coaches?

      Football Positions – The Ultimate Guide 2017

      Once this is done and your son feels confident about his offering to a team, it is essential that he writes up his football CV. Use the following to help you and really spend a whole day on it, getting it right.

      Football CV Template

      3 – In addition to the above it’s now time to start reaching out to local teams. Our recommendation is to look up the local leagues in Spain to identify your nearest clubs. As long as they are in a league, this is a perfect start. You don’t want to overwhelm your son by putting him into a team too advanced, its better to join a nearby team and play. If he doesn’t feel stretched enough he can continue playing until he finds a better team, but simply getting into the swing of a Spanish team will help him find his feet.

      Rules are the same, but styles are different and he will need time to adjust.

      What location do you live in?

      The Player Scout Team

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