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Hydration: Urine Colour Chart


Use the below Urine Colour Chart to help your body stay hydrated, and maintain your bodies water levels.

Urine Colour Chart

A urine colour chart otherwise known as a urine hydration chart enables you to stay hydrated by monitoring the colour of your urine and act before you reach the more extreme colours at the lower end of the scale. It is a simple and easy way to make sure you are drinking enough water or fluid to keep your body hydrated, which has huge benefits on your training and match day performance.

Fluid or water translates into flexibility, endurance and mental sharpness when it comes to your game, and most of us become dehydrated at least once during each day, so by learning to keep your hydration at optimum levels you will experience a higher level of inner resources and energy on pitch and during training.

Urine Colour Chart

Urine Colour Chart Meaning

The lighter the colour of your urine, the more hydrated your body is. Most people experience darker urine at the start of the day since they will have slept around 8 hours without consuming fluid. This is expected and so it is only a red flag if your urine reaches the bottom 2 colours of urine strength in which case you need to begin hydrating yourself immediately.


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