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Post Training Hydration Supplements 2016/17


Stay Hydrated by using Post Training Hydration Supplements
Hydration Supplements Ingredients
Recommended Hydration Supplements
What are Hydration Supplements?
What are Hydration Tablets?
When to use Hydration Tablets

Stay Hydrated by using Post Training Hydration Supplements.

Hydration supplements penetrate your body immediately, making them highly popular with professional footballers who need to constantly monitor and manage their hydration levels, since the importance of hydration and how it effects performance is critical. This is because straight after you finish training, your muscles are at their most sensitive and vulnerable to the food and fluid that you put into your body. And whilst it is common knowledge that the food you eat will have a direct impact on your muscles, we often don't understand the detail of the science behind muscle recovery and development, so eat or drink what we crave instead of what we need.

It is at post training when what you eat really matters, and all the food and fluid you put into your body after training or playing a match will determine whether your muscles grow and develop or stay in a little changing state, despite the hours of training you may be putting in.

This is where hydration supplements come in to play. By using a post training hydration supplement straight after you finish training can help you to build your muscles groups and strengthen you core.

Your body needs a balance of protein, carbs and other nutrients to facilitate the rapid replenishment of glycogen and transition your body into a positive nitrogen balance to aid muscle and joint repair, and a good quality hydration supplements contain just that, since they are designed specifically for post training.

Hydration Supplements Ingredients

Hydration Supplements contain complete formulas of protein or creatine to maximise their effectiveness and contribute towards rapid muscle regeneration.
The 2 main ingredients in hydration supplements are:

  • Laxogenin - proven to to increase protein synthesis, and muscle recovery
  • Adamantine - proven time and time again as key to boosting strength and muscle mass, Adamantine is also a popular nutrient for players whose training has begin to plateau, since it triggers your anabolic rate, helping you to continually develop your body strength and muscle groups

What are Hydration Supplements?

Carbohydrate depletion and dehydration are two ongoing challenges you face as a football player, since they cause fatigue during intense exercise effecting both your body and your mind. Hydration supplements address both of these problems in healthy formulas that release carbohydrate and fluid during exercise, helping players to maintain their maximum performance.

Over consuming carbohydrates makes it difficult for your body to absorb, and under consuming carbohydrates increase fluid delivery but compromise carbohydrate delivery. This is where a scientifically based hydration supplement comes into play for the professionals.

Hydration supplements are formulated to deliver the correct balance of carbohydrate and fluid to your body. Research suggests that an athlete should consume 500-1000 ml of hydration supplements per hour during exercise in order to reach this optimum level and stay hydrated.

It is recommended that players intake carbohydrate at a rate of 60 grams per hour.
SiS GO Electrolyte is one of our favourite hydration supplements on the market because it contains a mix of easy to digest carbohydrates for slow release of energy throughout exercise, and high levels of electrolytes (mainly sodium) which are essential for footballers needing to stay hydrated for long periods.

What are Hydration Tablets?

Hydration tablets are effervescent when added to water making them popular with players for training and games since they can be added to their regular water bottles and contain no calories. Ideally 1 tablet will be used with 500 ml water.

They are a healthy and practical way to stay hydrated as they provide your required electrolyte and fluid levels in your body quickly and easily.

During training (moderate) or football matches (intense exercise) our bodies can produce 1-2 litres of sweat to help regulate our body temperature and keep it cool. However important electrolytes and fluids are also lost when we sweat.

These need to be replaced to avoid dehydration, since dehydration can trigger our body temperature to rise, our heart rate to increase and as a result we burn calories faster making us feel tired quicker, which is not good for an athlete. Therefore by using hydration tablets during matches, we maintain our electrolyte and fluid levels enabling our bodies to continue to perform at top output levels.

Sodium is the most important electrolyte we have as it stimulates thirst, improves fluid palatability and promotes absorption and retention.

When to use Hydration Tablets

The prime time to use hydration tablets are around 3-4 hours before you exercise. Simply drop 1 tablet into 500 ml water, followed by another 250-500 ml around 2 hours prior to exercise.

Recommended Hydration Supplements


Hydrapharm: Adamantine

Adamantine is a well known trusted natural muscle builder which actively improves your strength and muscle endurance.

Also famous for giving the results of prohormones without impacting your hormones, this powerful anti-inflammatory hydration supplement helps with joint pains, and increases endurance by providing nutrients to your muscles immediately post-training.

More information on Hydrapharm Adamantine >


SiS GO Electrolyte Sports Fuel Hydration Supplements

SiS GO Electrolyte Sports Fuel provides footballers with an easy to digest quick spuuply of carbohydtrate for matchday energy, as well as stacks of electrolytes to stay hydrated throughout excercise. Each serving contains 36 grams of carbohydrate per 500ml More information >>


Hydration Tablets

SiS GO Hydro Hydration Tablets are efferevscent tablets you add to water, with a scientifically based formula designed to ensure you stay hydrated in order to give your best performance when it matters. SiS GO Hydro contains a generous 0.7 grams per Litre of sodium (an important electrolyte that stimulates thirst, improves fluid palatability and promotes absorption and retention). Sodium is scientifically proven to hydrate faster and more effectively than plain water, without added calories of other sports drinks. More information >>


Hydration Tablets

High 5 Zero Hydration Tablets are another highly effective effervescent tablet that you add to your water to balance your sodium levels and help you stay hydrated throughout training, and enabling you to give your best performance when it matters. Hydration tablets contain sodium, which is scientifically proven to hydrate faster and more effectively than plain water, without added calories of other sports drinks.
More information on Hydration tablets >

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