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About Player Scout

Player Scout is a community based hub, for professional and amateur footballers wanting to hone their skills and further their knowledge of the beautiful game. Whether you are a recreational player or a future Ballon D’or winner, we have the experience and expertise to help you realize your dream of becoming a professional footballer. The competition is fierce with less than 1% of wannabe footballers signing a professional contract. Player Scout is here to put the odds in your favour, with industry leading guidance on all aspects of the game, from preparing for trials to improving your throw in technique. Player Scout will not only teach you how to train the physiological attributes, but also show you how to mentally prepare and motivate your mind and body. Are you ready?

Soccer Schools

A great way for your child to get noticed is by taking part in a professional Soccer School. Player Scout list all the necessary information for every Premier League Club and Championship Club Soccer School. You can browse all the locations held by each club to find your nearest soccer school, and also compare the coaching philosophies on offer at each soccer school, to make sure your child is learning from the best. As industry experts, we discovered over time that even some of the official football club pages lack the information that you truly need to decide whether or not your nearest soccer school is teaching the right skills for your child’s development. Therefore we are in regular discussions with representatives at each clubs to find out all the information you need to make your decisions. If you want to help your child to become a professional footballer, a good starting point is getting them in front of professional scouts. However, the difference between soccer schools and training with a grass roots team is that you learn more in depth skills. Each soccer school is tied to a professional football club, so you will get professional training on the skills they are looking for, plus football scouts from the club frequently watch and select young footballers to invite to club academy trials. This is the perfect spring board to put your child in the right place to get spotted. The best chance you can give your child on the road to a career as a footballer, is to book them onto a professional soccer school. The training will give an incite into the professional game, and set them up for academy trials. From there, if they work hard and excel in all the given areas of football, they may be lucky enough to sign a contract with the club.

Professional Football Academies

To become a professional footballer, you will need to be successful in a football club trial. Professional football club academies train young players specifically for becoming a professional, and there is no other comparison out there, when it comes to the quality of care, technical training, diet and nutritional advice and developing skills. Player Scout lists every football academy in the Premier League and Championship for you to compare and consider. No other site pulls so much detail about football academies into one place, which is why we have so many visitors returning time and time again. Find out when all the football academy trials take place, and even watch videos from other young footballers at the trials. It’s all here to help you succeed, so book mark us now or save us to your mobile phones home screen so you can return as and when you need tips or information. Good luck!

Football Academies

English Football Academies

About all the English Football Academies with example training plans and contact information.

Scottish Football Academies

About all the Scottish Football Academies with example training plans and contact information.

Spanish Football Academies

Spanish Football Academies with example training plans and contact information.

Dutch Football Academies

Dutch Football Academies with example training plans and contact information.